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i respect all ships

no no, except that one, that’s gross and you need jesus.

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The kiss(animation)<—-gifs

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Augh if I want a decent Halloween costume I’ve gotta start now, and I want to do a cosplay (better than that shitty Karkat I made in two days last year) but everything I have the motivation to cosplay is not things I want most people to know I like



Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein is not the monster.

Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein is the monster.


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uhh idk do u think it will work

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Here’s the DMMD version I’ve been selling out since AFAID 2014 and Comifuro 4 \(´▽`)/ 

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i feel like momotarou is the embodiment of every generic bug type pokemon trainer npc

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What's your view on Haru going pro and do you think he will? I personally still don't want him too because then there was no point to episode 9 (which I think was done brilliantly). I also don't want Rin or Sousuke (and hopefully Kyoani won't use Makoto) to guilt or prod Haru into going pro and Kyoani uses them to make Haru go "I see the light now, I will go pro"


… Oh hell, this question lol.

Were you around last year when the idea of Olympic!Haruka was first tossed around, and originally it was (as it should have been) a discussion of Haruka’s personality and suitability vis-à-vis the demands and rigours of an Olympic lifestyle… but then soon degenerated, as usual, into a ship war rife with logical fallacies due to the fandom’s tendency to think using the characters’ dicks?

The abovementioned event was prompted by a magazine article, not even official, with one of those pathway-maps where answering Y/N to a question would eventually lead you to a character. One of those questions was Olympic-related, and a Y to that takes you down the path to Haruka or Rin.

I was around for the first parts of the discussion as one of the early dissenters of pro Haruka, and checked myself the hell out as soon as it became clear that fandom was drawing a false and damaging correlation as follows:

Haruka going down the pro/Olympic route = Rin = Victory for the HaruRin

Haruka not going pro/not picking the Olympic route = Makoto = Victory for the HaruMako

I don’t have polite or coherent words to describe my level of fury and contempt at that ridiculous… categorisation of Haruka’s future and choices, and so let it be known that it is firmly my view that ships have no place in such a discussion.

With that established, let’s talk about this issue.

Here I shall link you to the opinion held by me as at November last year, way before season 2, regarding Olympic!Haruka (the link goes to Rosie’s page instead of mine because her theme shows a clear timestamp). Note my complete aversion to the idea of pro Haruka and my position that such a lifestyle is not for him.

Has my opinion changed since then, especially in light of season 2?

Yes, and no.

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That free! episode was painful
It was like a fucking fanfic with blatant Rin favouritism and no perception of Haru’s character or logic or any sort


modern day politics

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Little pokemon prucan doodles.:)
I started playing pokemin again and I tough that Matthew would probably have a litwick (and a deerling winter form all time around.XD) and Gilbert a azumarill. (I dont know where it came from but he would have a honedge too because Ghost pokemon sword??! and lots of birds pokemon too.)

Oh! and if people want to send me friend codes for more safari and the occasional trade it would be great!:D (just pop in my inbox.:))


Actually I dont know how to draw Noiz bye 

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at first i was excited about this one, but then I got angry about screwing it up and being unable to figure out whats wrong with it